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Please provide printed copies only (no electronic) to Mrs. McCrary.  

BSA Annual Health and Medical Record -  HERE

On this above linked page, download the appropriate for for the activity.

  • "All Scouting Events" - Applies to ALL participants—in basic Scouting activities such as local tours and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours in duration. - Only need A & B
  • "Are You Going to Camp?" - For resident campers (summer or winter camps)  - Requires A, B, and C  (Part C requires and health care providers signature.)

High Adventure

  • All High Adventure Medical Forms are on the same web page as normal Camp Forms (see link above.)  Scroll down the page to find the high adventure you are participating in.  These form include Parts A, B and C as above, plus a High Adventure Risk Advisory to Health-Care Providers and Parents specific to the high adventure base.  The doctor must check a box on Part C indicating they have reviewed the specific high adventure risks with the scout and parent.