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Patrol patches available for Troop 997 in 2014.  

Please note: All patch and patrol names must be Scoutmaster approved.

Download this file (troop997patches.jpg)Troop 997 - Approved Patrol Patches[Troop 997 - Approved Patrol Patches]263 kB

Troop Meeting

  • Blank Troop Activity Sign-Up Sheet - ADULT LEADER
  • Blank Troop Meeting Plan Form - SCOUT
  • Blank Troop Activity Coordinator Checklist - ADULT LEADER

Campout Forms

  • Blank Troop Duty Roster - SCOUT
  • Blank Troop Patrol Menu - SCOUT
Download this file (2021 Patrol Menu.pdf)Troop 997 Menu Form[Patrol Menu (blank)]152 kB
Download this file (Activity Sign Up Blank.xls)Troop Activity Sign-up Sheet[Troop Activity Sign-up Sheet]198 kB
Download this file (Troop 997 Duty Roster.PDF)Troop 997 Duty Roster.PDF[Troop Duty Roster]61 kB
Download this file (Troop997_ActivityCoordinatorChecklist.doc)Troop Activity Coordinator Checklist[Troop Activity Coordinator Checklist]58 kB
Download this file (Troop997_Meeting_Plan (Blank).docx)Troop997 Meeting Plan (Blank)[Troop 997 Meeting Plan (Blank)]18 kB
Download this file (Troop997_Meeting_Plan.doc)Troop Meeting Plan[Troop Meeting Plan]29 kB